Qazeek provides a simple and fastest way to Send and receive payment online. You can send your money easily to your dear ones (friends, family, business transactions, online stores and trading sites for example EBay, Alibaba express etc at very few and simple steps.

Create Account

First of all what you need is to sign up to your Qazeek account to avail our services and get your transactions done comfortably. Click on the link to create your Qazeek account

Send and Receive Payments

It is necessary to have an email address of your friends and family that is All-important to send payment to your dear ones .You can avail the services of sending money through Qazeek by indicating your Bank account with your Qazeek account by clicking the option of “Send and Receive Money” online. The money sent is credited to the beneficiary account and can be convey to the receivers bank account or He / She can also use it to make online payments.

Moreover, one can also have a choice of paying online through Qazeek on shopping at online stores only if you get an option of Qazeek at the checklist of payment gateways. If you see the Qazeek emblem at Tradesman store then you can make your payments done by logging in to your Qazeek’s Account. Your monetary information will be always secured and no one can reveal it.

Request Transactions

One who have your email address can send you money online .Your email address is your personal property of your Qazeek’s account and no one can have it without your choice. After receiving the transaction you will receive an email alert through the sender and you can reveal the payment in your Qazeek’s account.


Personal Payment Charges;  If you Send and Receive money online to your beloved ones (friends and families) you will be free of cost if you use your Qazeek balance or Bank account to make these transactions to be done . If you use the credit card, the charges will be deducted from the receivers account.Neverthless the sender can also make the condition of paying these charges from his or her account by him or herself.

Business Payment Charges; if you shop something online, the receiver will be charged the correlated charges. For more information about these charges, you can click on the given link to have a glance at these charges list.

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